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Monthly Archives: June 2008

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Love Shoot – On the Radio …

I’m so very excited for the summer.

I love teaching and I had some great photography students this year, but I’m just looking forward to dedicating more time to personal photography. I’ve begun sorting some images from a photo project that I’m working on. I decided to post the following pictures for three reasons:

(1) I love detail photographs.

(2) They really remind me of summer. Maybe it’s their color (though they look less bold on the post… I wonder if I’ve done something wrong) or brightness, I’m not sure. They just have a summery feel to them.

(3) They act as a preview for the full project.


Swing 46 Wedding -Sam and Marylen are Married

From the moment I met Marylen and Sam, I knew that photographing their wedding would be a blast. A blast it was! It definitely pays to have a best friend who’s a professional hair and make up artist!

People were getting such a kick watching Marylen hail a cab in her wedding dress!

I wasn’t meant to photograph Marylen and Sam’s time at the Waldorf Astoria (between the ceremony and reception, they went there to check in), but when they got a free upgrade to a suite that was bigger than my apartment, they called me up to capture the moment!

You’ve really got to love a couple whose idea of living it up at the Waldorf Astoria is jumping on the bed!

On our way to the reception at Swing 46.