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Monthly Archives: October 2008

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Kidville Party – Halloween Fun!

After photographing Mattias last weekend, I joined his family and friends to photograph his spooky Halloween party at Kidville. Everyone looked great in their costumes and there was lots of fun to be had!

After doing his hair three times with ‘Jell-o’ (gel) and the blowdryer, Mattias was growing impatient for his big party to begin!
Everyone decorated trick-or-treat bags to score some candy in!
Fancy Nancy!
Haunted sand castle time!
I definitely was tempted to join in the gym fun…
I love this moment between Fancy Nancy, Ariel and Cinderella!

I believe her mom asked her to “smile nicely” for this picture.


Kids Portraits – Mattias

Total number of RAW photographs I took this weekend = just over 2500 in three days. I’m pretty sure that sets a record and it also provides me with a lot of digital dark room work.

I played with Mattias on Sunday and took some photographs of him to send with his school application. However, this kid has a lot of personality. We made a compromise that for each ‘serious’ one (appropriate for his applications) we’d do 5 (yes, 5) silly ones.

These are a few of my favorites.

I showed this to Mattias after I took it and asked him what I should call it. He said, “I’m a lego man in a lego house, duh.”
This was during the negotiations. My favorite is that I asked Mattias to pick out something nice to wear and he chose a bright orange Pirate shirt.

Sirico’s Wedding, Brooklyn – Lia and Chris are Married!

Lia and Chris had such a beautiful wedding day. I’ve barely begun going through all of the images taken, but these are the first couple that jumped out at me while uploading. Everyone had an amazing time and everything was perfect – the weather, the music, the food, the Georgian dancers! Enjoy!

the beautiful bride
the rings
the little camera man
the party
chris and lia
flower girls
the cake
cake II
facial expressions
the lovely couple
51 years
last dance

Kids Portraits – Meet Audrey

This is my first post on the new blog!

These are highlights from my photo shoot with Audrey. I’m still learning to post photos – so am hoping this works out nicely! Audrey was such a pleasure to photograph. Meeting her, Jeni (mom) and Ross (dad) was such a pleasure. Thanks to mom and dad for braving the traffic and traveling to Queens! Enjoy the photos!audrey_1932.jpgA favorite of mineaudrey.jpgaudrey130c.jpg

lensbaby take II

Bright and early (7:30 am) on Saturday mornings I travel to Gravesend, Brooklyn to give private photography lessons (to a 10 year old photography genius!) Today I brought my lensbaby and, though I didn’t take many photos, I really liked this one. It’s from the Avenue U subway (R train) platform.

When I got home, I photographed our Rody on the bathroom tile.

lensbaby’s big day out

Yesterday I purchased a second hand lensbaby. Without a clue as to how it actually worked, Phillip and I set out on a walk through Manhattan so that I could play.

This photo was probably the 3rd I took and the 1st that actually was close to properly exposed. Clearly (or not so ;) it was before I learned that you can actually focus the lensbaby!
(7th Avenue @ 31st Street – looking north east)
Squirrely. (Madison Square Park)

A pretty little pair. (Madison Square Park)
More Flowers. (Madison Square Park)
Three Men
(these images were taken through a hole in the pole of a yield sign on E.32nd Street)That’s it for now – though I took a lot more. Soon I am expecting the macro attachments in the mail, so stay tuned for a macro post!