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HHC Digital – Issue 4

Download this issue of HHC Digital here —> It’s a great read and you can see more from my photoshoot with Fresh Daily (check out takes out below!).


New York Marriot at Brooklyn Bridge – Prarthana and Asad’s Wedding Reception

Last night I photographed Prarthana and Asad’s wedding celebration. Having been married in a small civil ceremony a few weeks ago, they decided to have a gathering when family was visiting from India. It was a beautiful cocktail hour at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott (a favorite location of mine!). I had a l wonderful time with them and their family. Here are a few of my favorite shots – will post more once I’ve processed all the images!

All of the kids were just too adorable!
I love this stolen moment between Prarthana and Asad…
Prarthana showing off the pin she received as a gift (I believe from Turkey).
And, but of course, more kids!

Battery Park Kids Shoot – Triple the Fun!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Sammy, Cecelia and Marco – they just turned two! Back in December when I photographed them it was snowy and cold, so we stayed indoors. This time ’round we headed over to Battery Park – a favorite location of mine. It was hot, hot, hot yesterday, but these three (and mom!) were total troopers. No upsets at all, which is always great.
After some time in the sun, we all needed to cool off, so we made our way to one of Battery Park’s playgrounds. It is really nice when your ‘work’ brings you to a sprinkler park!
The sprinklers were a bit tricky – they turned on and off with no warning!
A favorite shot of mine!
Seriously, these three were total angels for two straight hours! I thought they’d be upset leaving the water (to be honest, I was a little upset!), but they were completely okay. The lollypops may have helped – kudos to mom for being well-prepared!
We headed back home where they washed the sand and lollypop off and had some lunch.
That face! Too cute for words.
Thanks for a fun morning!!!

Lensbaby Fun in Coney Island!

So, I’ve made a pact with myself to spend the next week shooting for me (after I work this weekend, of course). Yesterday I was feeling like a grump, so I decided to start my pact early, get motivated and head to Coney Island with P.

I adore Coney Island (see previous blog: Summery Things), but haven’t really been in a while. Though I feel guilty saying it, and I do admit that it is sad without Astroland, Coney Island is still great! I firmly believe that even the biggest sticks-in-the-mud can’t resist the fun of boardwalk. Come on… Claw Machines, Ski Ball, Soft-Serve Ice Cream, Kites (oh my)! Boardwalks and beaches always take me back to summer vacations with my family ‘down the shore’ (Yep, ’tis true. I’ve just revealed that I was born and raised in New Jersey!).

Okay, so on to the photographs:

On our walk to the D train, I spotted this sweet bike horn. I tend to photograph bike bells, but I couldn’t resist this one!
Normally, I curse the D train. Of all the trains I’ve lived off of, the D is kind of my least favorite. However, when it’s taking you to Coney, it’s not so bad!
In my “Summery Things” post, you get a different view of this sprinkler.
I’ve always been fascinated by the people who fish off of the Coney Island Pier. I just think it’s so much fun to watch them!
I watched this family fish together and interact for such a long time. They were so loving and fun to observe. This little boy was determined to catch a fish. He was so patient while his grandma (pictured) caught about five! His big sister was a total pro at removing the fish from the line and putting it in water! I’d never be able to do that without squirming!
This guy reads the paper out here every day. He used to work on a print press. He told me “Ink runs through my blood.”
The sky was totally amazing yesterday! Do you see the kite?!
Seriously, there is nothing like sweet light.
While I was photographing the sky, P was getting some raw clams.
While I won’t eat clams raw, I’ll happily photograph them! (Lensbaby 1.0)
The board walk was bustling and the sunset could not have been more perfect.
My photo taking was soundtracked perfectly by the music of Joseph Ardigo.
Okay, I admit, there are not-so-cheery parts to Coney Island, but they sure do add to its charm.
Goodnight Coney Island!

New York City Headshot Photographer – Lauren

I had the pleasure of photographing Lauren the other day near the water in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The weather was gorgeous, which was a nice change from all the rain we’ve been experiencing! It definitely felt great to do some natural light headshots for a change.

Lauren was so much fun to work with. This is my favorite image so far. Can’t wait to see which images Lauren chooses as her favorite. Thanks for a great shoot!2blog1.jpg

Grand Palladium Jamaica Wedding – Slideshow

This blog should really be called – ‘Jamaica (part 3): 900th attempt to post a video on my blog’. But like a giant puzzle, I’ve figured it out and I feel like I have succeeded – big time!

I’m excited to finally have this up and running, so I don’t even want to type anything else to introduce it. Except ‘thank you’ to Dana and Anthony and ‘enjoy’!!!

UPDATE: I’ve taken the video off the blog, because some found it slowing down the images. You can view it by clicking the link below!