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Monthly Archives: September 2009

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The Hathaway House, McGraw, NY – Becky & Brian are married!

This weekend, P and I took a (nearly five hour!) drive up to Cortland, New York to photograph Becky and Brian’s wedding. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful weekend it was.

The locations were just beautiful. From the gorgeous church (where Becky’s grandparents were married sixty years ago) to The Hathaway House, I was in love. But it was Becky and Brian, their families and friends that made this wedding tip the scale of the fun meter (you know, the one I carry with me in my camera bag). It’s always nice when you feel you’ve gained a set of new friends after you shoot a wedding, when you end up eating dinner at a table with the groom’s fraternity brothers (intimidating, yet entertaining!), when you get hugged by guests at the end of the night and asked to attend the after party (then scolded at breakfast the next morning for not attending!). As I sit here, quickly looking through images before check-out, I go through a series of emotions; I feel a bit choked up when I see images of the priest marrying Becky and Brian, remembering how perfectly he personalized their ceremony. I get slightly more choked up as I flip through photos of Becky’s dad’s speech, remembering how he spoke about how it felt having Becky and her sisters attend the school where he was principal. Then, within seconds, I’m smiling from ear to ear at images of pants being dropped (true story, see below) and Becky’s dad belting out tunes on the microphone!

This is why I love photography. This is why I love photographing weddings. In my opinion, nothing evokes emotions, memories and feelings like photographs. I always feel so honored to be the one entrusted to capture someone’s memories for them and it’s always my hope that the bride and groom will relive the feelings of their wedding day through these photographs for years to come.

Thanks to Becky, Brian and their guests for fantastic evening. I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!
I loved this moment!
The bridesmaids/bridesman (and a diaper!).
The guys!
All day/night guests couldn’t stop commenting on (1) how beautiful Becky looked and (2) how perfect her dress was. I could not agree more.
During dinner, I snuck outside to capture the Hathaway House’s sign as the sun set!
The reactions on Becky and Brian’s faces during Kevin’s speech were hysterical!
Becky’s father’s speech was a perfect mix of touching and hysterical.
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)…
I’ve got nothing to say about this one…
Becky’s sisters are a riot. I’m convinced that every single guest at this wedding was a fantastic dancer!
Many of them were also fantastic singers…
An interesting wedding tradition of the boys of Kappa Sigma when they hear the song Volcano by Jimmy Buffett…
Yes, that’s right, they drop their pants and sing! Check out Becky’s mom admiring the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” boxers!
These two little ones lasted longer than I’ve ever seen kids last at a wedding – well done!

On the route home, we stopped off in Callicoon, New York – a place my family used to visit. I hope to post some photos of that visit soon. I also shot some film – woohoo! Keep checking back.

South Street Seaport Engagement Shoot – David and Laura

Oh fall, how I love you. I know, I know it’s not technically fall yet, but the weather we have been having lately feels like it! I’m not sure why, but I get most motivated during the fall. Maybe it’s imbedded in me from my days of school – fresh start, new notebooks and pens, new school clothes. I just feel so happy! This fall is going to bring so many wonderful things. I have more bookings than ever (even tackling two weddings a weekend). It’s exciting and it feels like a fresh new start.

Yesterday was a perfect day for a photoshoot. I met up with David and Laura in City Hall Park for their engagement session. All day I had my eye on the sky, hoping it would stay as gorgeous as it was in the morning. It did! It was a beautiful shade of blue with ‘Simpsons’ clouds. The shoot was such a great time! While I’ve taken many photographs in the Seaport area, I have never done a proper shoot there. David and Laura were so outgoing and they had great ideas! It’s so nice as a photographer to work with a couple who are excited about their photos and willing to take risks and play around a bit.

I’m so excited to share these photographs and, stay tuned, there will be lots and lots and lots of blogging going on this month and next.

David spotted this door and ‘had to have it’. I think the ‘beer by door’ series are my favorite shots from the day. It’s so nice to be able to capture a couple just being themselves, interacting and having a good time!
Just as the sun was starting to set, we made it to our target destination – the fountain in City Hall Park, where David proposed to Laura.

Thanks Laura and David for an awesome shoot (and thanks to Vanessa for being a huge help!).