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Monthly Archives: October 2009

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DUMBO Family Shoot – Ed, Amy & Atomu

I had a wonderful morning roaming around DUMBO. It was (unseasonably) warm and kids were all decked out for Halloween! I saw some pretty adorable costumes. Before I head to New Jersey to celebrate the holiday myself, I wanted to post a few shots from my shoot this morning. I met up with Ed, Amy and Atomu in DUMBO. We had a great time together! Though shy at first, Atomu quickly warmed up and, by the end of the shoot, was using both the Holga and 5DMKII like a pro!

I’ll post more images soon, but these are a few of my favorites!


Pennsylvania Engagement Shoot – April & Michael

I couldn’t wait to photograph April and Michael for their engagement and I’m really happy they were patient with me in scheduling the shoot. Now on the drive up to Pennsylvania, I have to admit I was a little bit (or, er, very) nervous! It WAS like a monsoon (as predicted by April the day before). There were times when I could barely see the car in front of me! Thankfully when we got to the lake house, it was only drizzling, so we grabbed our umbrellas and set out to take some photos. Sadly, the first image is the only one we got before the skies opened up and we were drenched!

But after some delicious homemade vegetable soup at Michael’s parent’s (thanks!) and the absolute best oatmeal cookies I ever ate, we had the energy to ‘take 2′ and head back outside. Thankfully the second time ’round mother nature more than cooperated – we even saw some blue skies. We hiked (yep, I really mean hiked) through the woods and over waterfalls together and got some pretty amazing shots.

These are some of my favorite images from the day. Congratulations you two!!


Flushing Meadow Park Family Portraits – Brian, Jeanne & Sawyer

I wanted to quickly blog some photos from the first session I did this past Saturday morning. Bright and early, I headed to Queens to photograph Brian, Jeanne and Sawyer in Flushing Meadow Park. We were all really concerned about rain but, though we had a back up plan, the weather miraculously cooperated with us! Sawyer was a real trooper, as it was pretty chilly out. We got some great shots and had a fantastic time. I’m excited to share these images with you!

Kids Portrait Shoot – Mia!

We’ve had a lot of gloomy weather lately, so my hopes for Saturday were not set high. In fact, I had no intentions of shooting outdoors at all. I had two shoots planned, both indoor. All day Friday I kept checking the weather, but it called for rain every hour on Saturday. I woke up bright and early Saturday to head to Queens for a shoot (will blog that one later!), to my surprise there wasn’t a drop of rain!

I had the pleasure of photographing Mia early Saturday afternoon. Mia is a totally adorable six year old with one of the most amazing personalities ever! She’s hysterical and super fun to be around. I had such a blast spending the afternoon with her, her mom and aunt and I’m really excited about the shots we got. Mia is needed headshots to enter a GapKids contest – I wish her lots and lots of luck!!!

UPDATE Please vote for Mia in the GapKids contest! You can do so by clicking here!


Newborn Portraits – Meet ‘baby girl’

Sigh… This little one is so new to the world that, when I photographed her yesterday, she had yet to be named! She is just beautiful (with some really awesome hair!) and I wish her family all the best. Stay tuned, you’ll be seeing lots of newborns as I’ve begun to photograph for Gaga Baby Photos, which is just so exciting! Being around so many newborns and excited moms and dads, it’s an amazing feeling. You can’t help but smile nonstop – which is a pretty nice thing to be doing at ‘work’!


Kids Portraits – Christian

There are lots of kids in my life. Barring a short (and really bizarre) summer as a barista in an Upper East Side coffee shop, all of my jobs have involved working with kids. I’ve never worked at a store or in an office (thank goodness!), I’m not the ‘sit-still’ type. So as a result of being a babysitter, nanny, ABA therapist, drama teacher, speech therapist, etc. I’ve acquired a group of ‘kids’ (kids is in quotes because some of these ‘kids’ are now 13!) that I simply adore. Which brings me to this post: Meet Christian!

Last year around this time I photographed Mattias, Christian’s younger brother. We’ve done holiday shoots with the two of them together and, it’s no secret to those who know him, Mattias can be a bit of a show-stealer (though it’s his total goofiness that I adore!). I was so very excited when Katie asked me to take some photos of Christian on his own and I’m even more excited to share these photographs – he’s such a wonderful kid and I love spending time with him! Enjoy!!!


DUMBO Family Portraits – Marci, Sean & Mercedes

On Monday morning, I headed back down to Dumbo to photograph Marci, Sean and Mercedes. The weather was amazing – a perfect mix of sun and clouds and a gorgeous blue sky! The three of them are an adorable and it was such a pleasure to spend time with them. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our session. Enjoy!
I love this shot with Marci and Sean in the background!

DUMBO Trash the Dress – Kaye & Norman

On Sunday morning, bright and early, I headed down to Dumbo to photograph Norman and Kaye. I love an ‘after wedding shoot’, be it trash the dress or just a portrait session. With the stress and anticipation of the wedding day behind you, it’s great to just take a deep breath and have a bit of fun. Fun, was definitely had! Norman and Kaye were hysterical to be around! I knew they were playful from their wedding day (clown noses during the first dance… monster cupcakes…), so I was excited to see how their shoot would turn out – enjoy!!!

This is my favorite shot!
I would like to thank Norman’s brother for letting me stand on the roof of his BMW to grab these shots!

Tarrytown, NY Wedding – Kevin and Joanne are married!

Yesterday, after Norman and Kaye ‘trashed the dress’, I headed up to Tarrytown to photograph Kevin and Joanne’s wedding. All day everyone kept saying it, but I’m going to say it again, it was an unbelievably gorgeous day – a perfect day for a wedding. Joanne and her bridesmaids looked just gorgeous (I seriously was in envy of the dresses and shoes, see below!) and everyone had a totally fabulous time!!!

I haven’t finished uploading all their images yet, but I wanted to quickly blog with the hopes of adding more images soon.


The Vanderbuilt at South Beach, Staten Island Wedding – Kaye & Norman

Good Morning!

It’s six a.m., so I’m going to keep this initial blog post short. My brain doesn’t fully function this early – at least not until I’ve had my second or third cup of coffee!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing Kaye and Norman’s wedding. I e-mailed back and forth with Kaye for some time, before I finally got to meet her and Norman on Friday. They are such a fantastic couple! All the tiny details they added to the wedding day were so ‘them’. Even with barely knowing the two it was obvious how in love they are and how happy they are to be together.

I will definitely expand/edit this blogpost soon, I know it’s incomplete but I wanted to get a few images online before I head out. These are shots that caught my eye while uploading. In about an hour I’m heading to Dumbo to do their ‘trash the dress’ (can’t wait!) and then I’m off to Tarrytown to photograph Kevin and Joanne’s wedding! I hope to blog more tonight!

Their wedding rings were mood rings – and adorable. Because Kaye and Norman now live in Touscon, Arizona, they gave everyone cactuses as favors!
Everyone was in love with their monster cupcakes!
I love this shot of Kaye choosing the cupcake she would feed to Norman.
Kaye and Norman were hysterical during the ‘shoe game’. Everyone was practically in tears they were laughing so hard!