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South Slope – Brooklyn Is For Lovers

It’s exciting to be posting my first Brooklyn is for Lovers post! And, it’s pretty fitting that I start with my home neighborhood of South Slope. My hope for this project is not only to spotlight couples in love, and who love Brooklyn, but also to bring attention to the local spots that make Brooklyn the extraordinary place it is.

With that said, meet Jamey and Randi – owners of Roots Cafe. A couple of Alabama natives, one day they decided that they wanted to move to Brooklyn and open a coffee shop. They did, and now their coffee shop is a daily stop in the lives of many South Slopers. A cozy neighborhood staple, regulars drink coffee roasted in Brooklyn from their own mugs that hang on the wall, while around them local artists’ work is displayed and Brooklyn-based musicians swing by to play at night. As Jamey says, it’s a place that fosters a perfect balance of “coffee, community and culture.”

After spending the afternoon photographing Jamey and Randi at the cafe, it’s pretty clear how Roots has become the way it is. If you think the cafe has southern charm and a playful personality, it’s a direct reflection of the owners. The two are an absolute blast to be around, making my job of capturing their love for one another exceptionally easy! One can often spot Jamey behind the counters, and occasionally, Randi will pour your cup as well, so stop by and say hello.

Their love for Brooklyn is obvious in the establishment they’ve built together here. I’m excited to be able to showcase them and their cafe as my first Brooklyn is for Lovers couple!

(If you’re interested in taking part in Brooklyn is for Lovers, please click here for more details.)


PDN’s Top Knots: The New School of Wedding Photography

I’m so super excited to have been a finalist in this year’s PDN Top Knots: The New School of Wedding Photography competition! All finalists were printed in this month’s issue of PDN Magazine.


Prospect Park Family Shoot – Meet Zoe! (A Littlest Heroes Project Shoot)

On Saturday (the first day of spring and, quite honestly, the best day we’ve had in a while!), I met up with Drew, Maria and Zoe in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Zoe’s family and I were matched through The Littlest Heroes Project. I was accepted as a photographer for them just a few weeks back, so I was really excited to hear that I’d been matched with a family!

Zoe is a super happy baby who just turned 12 weeks old. She was born with multiple VSDs (Ventricular Septal Defects) and an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect). “She did well during her first six weeks, but then went into congestive heart failure overnight,” Maria explains. “Since then she’s been on medication and in and out of the hospital, and we’re waiting for her to get bigger to see if her holes will close on their own. It doesn’t seem that way, so most likely Zoe will have to undergo open heart surgery to repair her heart. Even with her heart slowing her down, she’s such a trooper. She’s been poked so many times, and been through many tests already, but she’s always content and never complains much. She truly is a ‘littlelest hero.’ Our biggest wish is for her to feel better soon and be able to do what “normal” children do. So far she’s proven to be much stronger than mommy (not sure about daddy)!”

I loved meeting and working with Zoe’s family. I’m really excited to share these photos!!!


Downtown Brooklyn Engagement Shoot – Kayla and Mike

As you can see by the snow on the ground, this engagement shoot took place a few weeks ago. I sincerely hope that this is my last shoot that has snow in it for a long time (did I just jinx this gorgeous weather?! I hope not!).

Kayla and Mike were so fun to photograph. There is a chance that Kayla was dangling the idea of fried food at Chip Shop over Mike’s head the entire time, but he was a really good sport. It was a cold day after one of our big snowstorms. We walked around Boerum Hill and Brooklyn Heights shooting in some spots I’ve always wanted to shoot – including Brooklyn Height’s Love Lane! Enjoy and happy (almost) spring!


Brooklyn is for Lovers

Brooklyn Is For Lovers is a photography project that celebrates the love you have for Brooklyn, for your neighborhood, and for each other.

By the end of the year, Kristina Hill hopes to have photographed one couple in every area of Brooklyn. Each shoot will take place in the spot in their neighborhood that means the most to them, whether it’s the bar they first met, their favorite park bench, or the coffee shop where they relax on Sundays.

Want to get involved? Simply email Kristina on photos[at], telling her the place in your neighborhood where you’d most like to be photographed and the reason why.

From the end of March onwards photographs from the project will be on display here on the blog – keep checking back for new neighborhoods!

(Brooklyn Is For Lovers banner was handmade by the super talented Nicole Licht of Astulabee.)

BAM Wedding Expo – Here Comes the Brooklyn Bride!

Yesterday, I had the honor of showing my photography at BAM and Great Performances’ bridal show – Here Comes the Brooklyn Bride. It was such an awesome time! My sister, April, and I worked so hard on getting things ready and I couldn’t be more pleased with how my table turned out. As most of you may know, BAM is an unbelievably beautiful space! I got to meet so many cool brides and got such interest in my Brooklyn Is For Lovers project (stay tuned for more info on that coming later today…) – exciting!

Here’s a peek at my happy little booth:


April designed some really amazing new products – which were a huge hit. Here is a look at some of them!

a great poster and flyer (and my new logo!):

post card save the date:
post card thank you:

a tri-fold thank you:

It was also great to be surrounded by so many creative Brooklyn-based vendors. Fate was kind, as I was randomly placed next to the lovely Keavy, owner of Kumquat Cupcakery. She supplied April and I with delicious little cupcakes to keep our energy up throughout the day – and hands down she makes the best strawberry treat of any kind I’ve ever tasted!

My booth was also across from the beautiful collaborative tablescape by Jillian of 100 Layer Cake, Sarah of Blossom and Branch and Jenna of Love Jenna Calligraphy. I was swooning over all the tiny (and Brooklyn-themed!) details of the table.

It was a great day – I hope to be a part of it again next year!

ReBar Wedding – Sam and Lee (part 2)

Yay! I’m so happy to post Sam and Lee’s reception.

It was held at reBar in Brooklyn, which made a perfect venue for a truly elegant and incredibly fun wedding. I adored Sam and Lee’s reception just as much as their ceremony. While processing their images I’ve had a smile from ear to ear, remembering events and moments and emotions… I’m excited to share these photos. Enjoy!

The toasts at Sam and Lee’s wedding were among the funniest, most heartwarming toasts I’ve ever heard. It’s obvious that everyone felt that way!