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Monthly Archives: May 2010

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Red Hook Engagement Shoot – Barry and Bethany

I’m super excited to be blogging Barry and Bethany’s engagement shoot! I’ve been looking forward to photographing these two ever since our first meeting and after shooting their engagement session, I can’t wait to capture their wedding this fall! After our plan to start at the Smith-9 Street station was foiled due to weekend construction, we headed down to Red Hook for plan B and I’m so happy we did! Beginning at Fairway and ending up at Ikea, we had a great time exploring some of my old and new favorite Red Hook locations together. The ongoing joke was that they couldn’t stop kissing and they sort of couldn’t, but it is an engagement shoot, right?! They were troopers too, because I had a ‘vision’ for a shot that led to them getting totally drenched by Ikea’s sprinkler system (see last few images). Thanks for a great shoot!

Even after getting drenched, they kept on kissing…

Wedding Portraits – Gaute & Jennifer

I hate when I fall behind on blogging! I intend to catch up over the next few weeks, it’s been really busy (yay!) over here, with engagement shoot after engagement shoot and my Brooklyn is for Lovers project in full swing! Wedding season is upon us and I’m so excited about 2010 (and excited about how 2011 is booking up!). I’ve got lots of exciting shoots to blog, so keep checking in!

Meet Gaute and Jennifer! A lovely couple I had the pleasure of doing a portrait shoot with, before their private ceremony with family and friends in Manhattan. We had a very fun portrait shoot, beginning in Harlem and ending in Chelsea.


Brooklyn Promenade – Surprise Proposal – CJ and Mike

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing Mike’s surprise proposal to CJ at the Brooklyn Promenade. There was a lot of planning, organizing, secret-keeping, and sneaking around that went into this day… I’m super happy to report that it went over perfectly!

Photographing a surprise proposal makes me feel like a wildlife photographer. It’s kind of fun, sneaking around, being super quiet and this time I had to wear a disguise! I know CJ, so if she saw me with a ginormous lens pointing at her, she would probably have caught on to Mike’s elaborate plan! So I piled on several layers and took up a hiding spot far, far away behind a garbage can. I’m quite sure I looked completely insane, but it was well worth it!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the proposal!



Afterwards, the surprise continued as I hurried off to Buttermilk Bar in Brooklyn to photograph CJ and Mike’s surpise party (also organized flawlessly by Mike and CJ’s friends)! Stay tuned for part two coming tomorrow!