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Monthly Archives: April 2011

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Newborn Photography – Meet Audrey Stella!

Say hello to Audrey! Just two weeks old for this shoot she was a darling to photograph – isn’t she the cutest? I love how cool her parents were with putting her in the whale basket, but when I saw it filled with toys in the corner of the room – I just couldn’t resist! So sweet and easy to work with, once she drifted off to sleep. Enjoy!

Newborn Photography – Meet Brielle Rose!

So, I’m going to start this post with a personal photo and then I’ll bring on the cuteness. Susan (first-time mommy to the gorgeous baby girl you’re about to meet) has been a friend of mine for a seriously long time. As a matter of fact, I think she is my oldest friend (obviously, in terms of time length, not age!). This photo of us is one of my favorite pictures from my childhood. I remember this day really vividly and I wanted to share it before I go on and mention how amazing it felt to photograph Susan and her husband, Kyle’s, first child, Brielle.

I know you’re totally sweatin’ our style and would love to see more of us rockin’ this look, but now on to the real purprose of this post. Brielle was born just six days before I headed out to New Jersey to capture her. She is super, super, super small (she might be the smallest baby I have ever posed!) and she’s also incredibly sweet! I will admit that I had a hard time putting her down and start shooting when Susan put her in my arms (literally a second after I walked in the door). It was a true honor to capture her in her first days and it felt goosebumpy to be referred to as “Aunt Kristina”. A title I will wear with pride. I hope you enjoy this peek at Brielle’s shoot – and big congratulations to Sue and Kyle!

A big thank you to the talented Brian Edwards for knitting Brielle’s butterfly cocoon. Check out Brian’s knitting here and his awesome blogging here!

Me and My iPhone: The Little Things

Throughout my apartment, I have little toys. Some are tied to specific moments and memories. Some more sentimental than others. But they’re there. And they brighten my days.

The particularly negative Fernando.

Little Enid.

Sushi Panda.

Crazy Cat.

Totoro (affectionately referred to as Totie).


Tiger Pilot.

In top-to-bottom order: Little Totoro, Gigi, Totakeke and the apple bank.

Last but not least, our felted friends! Amazing, right? Check out more work from Mariangela Tan at Plush Play!