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Monthly Archives: October 2011

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A Sneak Peek at a ReBar Wedding

I realize that there will be a lot of Panama images on here over the next few days, so I wanted to give you a super quick peek at some portraits from John and Vanessa’s ReBar wedding which I shot just hours before jumping on a plane to Panama City! Full blog post to follow!

Me and My iPhone – Panama

So, I’m in Panama! I haven’t seen much of it yet, but I figured I’d still use some photos taken while on the job for the SPCA International. It’s been a bit of whirlwind, I’ll admit! My flight got in Sunday around 3 and I went straight to the Spay Panama site to shoot. After a quick dinner, some uploading and bed, I was back on my way to the site today to shoot some more video and images bright and early this morning. Here are a few quick photos I managed to snap along the way. Can’t wait to see and share more!

How cool is her cat tattoo?

During a detour on the way to the site, we stumbled upon this playground.

The seesaw

A day wouldn’t be complete without me photographing my feet!

Kitties in a birdcage? Yes, please.

There’s a slight chance I was favoring the cats today… so here’s a sweet puppy!

Oh… and I ate fast chinese food here…

Me and My iPhone – More Panama

I finally left my hotel last night and ventured out into Panama City. I didn’t really know what to expect from Panama and being from New York, I always imagine that all cities are walkable and filled with public transportation. I learned quickly that Panama is very much a driving city with no subways to get around (but there are buses!). It’s also a lot more spread out than I imagined. Anyway, I took a taxi to Casco Viejo on a whim. It’s a colonial neighborhood founded in 1673 currently undergoing an ambitious renovation project. If ‘Weird Panama’ existed, I’m certain there would be stories upon stories of the buildings here. I didn’t bring my camera with me (stupid!) because I read in a guidebook that it was dangerous there and that tourists were ‘prey’. It specifically said to not have camera out… I’m not sure why I listened and I intend to go back today or tomorrow with a wide angle and take a ton of photos. But, I did have my iPhone! You can actually crawl inside some of the ruins, which are so beautiful. It runs along the water and you get gorgeous views of the Panama city, lots of textures and local flavor. There was also this adorable vintage store (I may have bought a ring) and a few sweet restaurants. I ate at the Pony Rosso which is an art gallery in addition to a little cafe. I had the Notorious P.I.G. sandwich. Yup, amazing.