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A Sneak Peek at a ReBar Wedding

I realize that there will be a lot of Panama images on here over the next few days, so I wanted to give you a super quick peek at some portraits from John and Vanessa’s ReBar wedding which I shot just hours before jumping on a plane to Panama City! Full blog post to follow!


  1. Gisela Zerykier said . . .

    You are one creative photographer kristina!!! A pleasure to browse your postings…. love the warm whimsical originality!

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  2. Damon and Leslie said . . .

    Thank you for the opportunity to see such lovely pictures. We are delighted at the level of skill and artistry. The pictures are wonderful and we look forward to viewing them again and again over the years.

    from Veronica’s grateful parents

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  3. Laura Taylor said . . .

    The shots are nice. I like the emotions of the photos. The poses also are well executed.

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  4. Leslie/Damon Fellman said . . .

    Your pictures are wonderful! creative and beautiful.

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  5. Studiophotograf said . . .

    wonderful shots. Love especially the blue garage door one!
    i think it pops the bride and groom out!

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