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Monthly Archives: June 2012

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An Image Stolen…

This blog post has been a bit difficult for me to write. I sat on it over night, because I didn’t want to write anything too reactionary and I also wanted to thoughtfully explain how I feel.

Brian, a client and good friend, called me last night to share his discovery that one of the images I had taken during their engagement session had been stolen, digitally manipulated and reproduced in a campaign targeting a senator for her vote in support of a bill allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions. When I heard this, a range of emotions flooded through me. When I actually saw the image, my heart dropped. Below is a side by side of the two images that I created in photoshop for Brian to use on his blog post:

It’s my hope that my readers and clients know that what I do is incredibly important to me. I love love, I adore my clients and when I make images for them, it’s my goal to document their love with creativity and honesty. It fuels me as a photographer to know that these images will be cherished. That they will hang on walls, be passed around at gatherings, put in albums, and that someday maybe children and grandchildren will display these moments in their own homes.

To see an image, taken with that intent being used in the way it was used is heart-breaking for me. Brian’s reaction is so perfectly stated, I highly recommend you read it: “Public Advocate of the United States” Steal a Kiss – And it’s Gay. I agree with every word written.

The Denver Post article written by reporter Lynn Bartels can be read here.

Update: The Atlantic Wire covers the story. Read Alexander AbadD-Santos’ coverage here.


UPDATE! As many people are coming directly to this post, please visit the following post for an update on the situation. And, again, thank you for your support!