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Sova Gardens Wedding in Sebastopol, California: Sawyer & Kyra are Married!

It was a complete honor to be asked to shoot a wedding in lovely Northern California. But it was even more of an honor to spend a weekend getting to know the incredibly amazing family and friends of Sawyer & Kyra (known from here on out as “Sawyra”). The lovely little touches added to their wedding day by both Sawyra and their community of family and friends, made it a truly personal and unique celebration. It was amazing to witness and become part of their community.

I wish you two the best and hope to see you both on the East Coast real soon!

Venue: Sova Gardens
Florist: Anneka Imkamp, Ecfloro
Officiant: Lili Goodman Freitas, Weddings of Heart
Cupcakes: Sweet Bar Bakery
DJ: Vadim Vozmitsel
Catering: Oui Cater
Makeup: Marisa Lopez
Ceremony vocals and guitar: Gina Pensiero

Destination Wedding Photography on Brooklyn Betrothed!

It’s been some time since I reminded my readers about the awesomeness that is Brooklyn Betrothed! Words can’t express how honored I am to be a co-founder of such an amazing wedding collective. Don’t forget to check in with the blog every now and again, for honest tips and inside information on wedding planning from a group of talented, Brooklyn-based wedding professionals. This month we’ve been focusing on destination weddings, in hopes of warming our readers up a bit during these frigid winter days! Today on the blog, I wrote a bit about choosing a wedding photographer for your destination wedding. Check it out here: Choosing A Destination Wedding Photographer.

Oh, and keep up with us on twitter and facebook!

Destination Wedding – Kauai – Susan and Steve are married!

I say it every time I shoot one, but I love destination weddings. And I know you’re thinking, what’s not to love? It’s a vacation! Well, it’s not exactly that, it’s still work and it’s hard work at that (think heavy gear, heat, plane journeys, equipment schlepping!). But I do love it. And my favorite thing about shooting a destination wedding? The time you get to spend with the couple and their guests leading up to the event. It’s totally invaluable.

Being that the bride, Susan, is not just a fellow photographer, but also a great friend, I was honored to when she asked me to capture her wedding day in Hawaii. I’ve known her and her (now) husband (yay!) Steve for a few years and I was really excited!!! Now I’m not gonna lie, Kauai was definitely one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been in my life and shooting there was a total dream. Maybe one day I’ll find the time to go through/post my personal photos from the trip. But first and foremost I bring you their gorgeous wedding on Anini Beach in Kauai.

Congrats to Susan and Steve and thank you to Pat and Tammy (their Maid of Honor and Best Man) for treating me like family all week. I have fantastic memories from this trip because of you all.

(I don’t usually blog out of order, but I love this shot!)

And, yup, we trashed the dress… here is a little peek at that – with more to come!

Me and My iPhone – Kauai (so far)

So I’m in Kauai and it’s awesome. The twelve hour flight spread across nearly 20 hours of travel, not so awesome, but being here is like a dream come true. Really, I mean it. In the third grade we had to pick a state to make a 3-D poster of and I was dying to get Hawaii. As my teacher went up and down our alphabetical rows I was praying no one would say Hawaii before me. And they didn’t! So I made this (awesome) 3-D map of Hawaii and fell in love, never thinking that I’d ever get the chance to not only be here, but to work here?!? Amazing. Simply amazing.

I’ve been here two days now and (aside from some minor sleeping issues and a cough) it’s been just fabulous. Today is the big wedding day (!) so I thought I would post a few iPhone photos of what I’ve enjoyed so far.

The first drink I consumed here. Literally 20 minutes after landing in Kauai.

Such pretty colors!

One of many roosters (they are like the pigeons of Kauai).

Breakfast at the cutest little spot in Kappa’a


My first delicious coconut water.

Hula cats. Hula Obama.

My lunchtime view.

The orchid that came with my swordfish.

The secret message in the dressing room which lead me to buy three dresses…

The stunning spot where I’ll be shooting a special wedding in just a few short hours.

Travel To I Do Feature

How exciting is this? I woke up this morning (to… snow?) to find that Vusala and Gurban’s Jamaica wedding was featured on the gorgeous blog, Travel To I Do! Definitely stop by and check it out. It’s a great blog filled with stunning real weddings and helpful tips for planning a destination wedding. Enjoy!

Destination Weddings

In the past year I’ve been lucky enough to shoot three destination weddings. And in May I’ll be headed to Hawaii to shoot another (can’t wait!). I love doing them, but if I have any downtime, I’m not usually lugging my 5Ds around the resort or town. Here are some of my favorite iPhone shots from my travels to Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Montego Bay!

Montego Bay airport bar.

From the bus to Rick’s Cafe (Jamaica).

Airplane wing. En route to Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Barcelo Maya Palace, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Near the Malecon. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Palm tree. Mexico.

Another palm tree. Jamaica.

Stray kitty. Puerto Vallara, Mexico.

Grand Palladium – Jamaica – Vusala and Gurban’s Destination Wedding!

This morning, I ran to the store to buy coffee and my iPhone told me it was six degrees. Six?!? Sorry Brooklyn, but that’s uncalled for! After I warmed up with my coffee I thought, what better way to battle the weather than with a little bit of eye candy featuring 86 degree weather, sun and beautiful beaches? So while you’re also (hopefully) cozied up with a warm beverage in bed or at least toasty behind your desk at work, I present to you this gorgeous destination wedding. I got along so well with Vusala and Gurban when I first met them at their engagement shoot in Central Park, but working with them in Jamaica was a total dream. There is nothing like working with a couple who have a great sense of humor and who are eager to venture into a resorts ‘restricted area’ and climb not-so-safe coral rocks upon their photographer’s request (thanks guys!).

We had a ton of fun. And, well, looking at these photos reminds me of the 86 degree weather we were lucky to experience, so hopefully they will warm you up a bit too!

Being a little sister myself, I truly appreciated the way Vusala’s little sis chose to kill some downtime!

The shot Vusala had her gown made for:

According to Gurban, this photo will be the cover of their wedding album…

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Brian and Tom are married!

In October, I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to photograph the destination wedding of Brian and Tom. Knowing that the trip would fall smack in the middle of my busiest time of year, I extended it a bit to spend a week there, rather than a weekend. I love to travel and had no issues about exploring the city alone, armed with my camera. But upon arriving at my hotel (literally seconds after dropping my bags on my bed) the room phone rings. “Kristina, It’s Tom’s dad. We’re having lunch downstairs, come join us.” I did and at that lunch, Aunt Izzy told me not to pull “that shy shit” with them and Uncle Ralph informed me that because I was in Mexico I had to order a daiquiri – which quickly became two. I hadn’t been in Mexico for three hours, but it was quickly obvious I was about to experience something very special.

Each day more people joined the group and new friendships were quickly born. During that amazing week we drank together, ate together, swam together, snorkeled together, shopped together, cruised with pirates together, danced together, and laughed together. And in the middle of all this vacationing, we all witnessed and took part in one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies ever – where we all cried together.

It’s no secret that I’m a crier. I admit to getting choked up and teary eyed at nearly every wedding I photograph. But Tom and Brian’s ceremony struck me in a way that I cannot put into words. Trust me, I’ve tried on several occasions. I can only say that I am forever grateful for the experiences had and friends made in Puerto Vallarta. And I can only hope that my photographs will say the rest for me.

Much love to Brian and Tom and to their family and friends for welcoming me so warmly.

Also, Brian is a super dedicated blogger and, if you’re interested, I highly recommend visiting his blog The Gay Wedding Experience to read more about their wedding and the entire trip to Puerto Vallarta.
And (though I’ll talk more about it in my next post), if you’re wondering where this insanely beautiful wedding took place, you can check out the website for Las Caletas.

Destination Wedding: Riviera Maya, Mexico – Stacey and Christopher

This blog post needs to start with a big “thank you!” to Stacey and Christopher and their family and friends for making me feel like I was an honorary family member my entire stay in Mexico. There really is something quite special about photographing a destination wedding. Spending several days getting to know the a couple and their guests is a complete honor and makes the wedding day go incredibly smooth. Stacey and Chris had a beautiful (and super windy!) beach ceremony. Despite some crazy rain just before the wedding, it was a gorgeous day!

I fell in love with Mexico while I was there and was so, so sad to leave. Thankfully I’ll be back in less than three months to capture Brian and Tom’s wedding!


Stacey’s mom has got it goin’ on…

Grand Palladium Jamaica Wedding – Slideshow

This blog should really be called – ‘Jamaica (part 3): 900th attempt to post a video on my blog’. But like a giant puzzle, I’ve figured it out and I feel like I have succeeded – big time!

I’m excited to finally have this up and running, so I don’t even want to type anything else to introduce it. Except ‘thank you’ to Dana and Anthony and ‘enjoy’!!!

UPDATE: I’ve taken the video off the blog, because some found it slowing down the images. You can view it by clicking the link below!