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DUMBO Engagement Shoot: Susan & Doug!

DUMBO Engagement Shoot: Amira & Nate!

Harlem Engagement Session: Melissa & Tyler

Montclair, New Jersey Engagement Shoot: Kelli & Mike

A Fort Greene Engagement – Amy and Joe!

It’s incredibly gloomy outside today, but I’m hoping this adorable engagement session will brighten your day a bit! Meet Amy and Joe. The three of us spent the afternoon together on Sunday exploring Fort Greene, Brooklyn (maybe trespassing a bit…) and having a lot (a lot!) of laughs. They brought so much energy and such great ideas to the shoot, it didn’t even feel, for a second, like work for me! We ended the afternoon at Der Schwarze Kölner – got to love a couple who ends a shoot with a gigantic beer! I so look forward to capturing their wedding at the Queens County Farm Museum next June.

Brooklyn Bridge Surprise Proposal!

Congratulations to Lauren and John on their sweet, Christmassy engagement! Exploring the city together and sharing in such a special time for them was a complete pleasure. Enjoy this peek at their surprise proposal and engagement session. Happy holidays!

Seaside Heights, NJ Anniversary Shoot – April and Michael

As I continue to watch the news and look at photos of the damages caused by Sandy, my heart truly goes out to everyone who have and who continue to suffer. Seeing the devastation first-hand in some of my most beloved Brooklyn neighborhoods has been difficult. Most of my family resides in New Jersey and it is a huge relief that they are all safe and sound. I feel incredibly lucky.

If you grew up in or near to Jersey, it’s likely you are particularly attached to one or more of the towns along the Jersey shore. My shore town of choice happens to be Seaside Heights. My family vacationed there every summer for pretty much my entire life. It’s a place that has always been incredibly sentimental to both myself and my family. Watching the reports of how Sandy has left Seaside and other towns ‘down the shore,’ is heartbreaking. Just a few weeks ago, I headed to Seaside with my sister, April and her husband, Michael to shoot their two year anniversary photos. As adults, we’ve woven this place into our lives just as seamlessly as we did as kids, creating new memories and recounting old memories when we visit.

When April and I walked that boardwalk together we couldn’t help but laugh (a lot), recounting memories shared with our parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. We commented on how the rides were pretty much identical to what they were as kids and which ones we loved the most. We mimicked how I used to pinch my nose and comment in a funny voice on how terribly I felt the sausage stand smelled each time we passed it or how my parents sometimes rented a stroller for me until the age of about 8 (I truly wish I were exaggerating on that), because I didn’t like to walk too much. We thought about the toys we HAD to win (pogo ball anyone?!) or how we could play in Central Arcade for hours with our grandmother. We chose to eat our pizza at The Sawmill, because it’s where we ate as kids and we love how the slices are still bigger than our heads – even now. So while our “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt’em…” jump suits were replaced by “Call Me, Maybe…” cropped shirts and Angry Birds and iPads hang as prizes where our Care Bears and Discmans did, the feeling of the board walk was exactly the same.

Today I’m sharing April & Michael’s shoot with you. I hope these images accurately capture the place we loved as kids and continue to love as adults. I look forward to seeing Seaside and all its neighboring towns come back stronger than they were before, so with that thought is a link to Rebuild the Jersey Shore on Facebook, for those of you interested in volunteering or keeping up with the relief efforts.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and well.


Back to Blogging!

Why hello, readers. Happy fall!

My little old blog has been quiet lately, this I know. It’s been a complete whirlwind these past few weeks (Eep, are we going on months?!), but I’m back and excited to be bringing you lots and lots of weddings and shoots to the blog over the next few posts!

For now… here is a tiny peek at what I’ve been up to.


An Image Stolen…

This blog post has been a bit difficult for me to write. I sat on it over night, because I didn’t want to write anything too reactionary and I also wanted to thoughtfully explain how I feel.

Brian, a client and good friend, called me last night to share his discovery that one of the images I had taken during their engagement session had been stolen, digitally manipulated and reproduced in a campaign targeting a senator for her vote in support of a bill allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions. When I heard this, a range of emotions flooded through me. When I actually saw the image, my heart dropped. Below is a side by side of the two images that I created in photoshop for Brian to use on his blog post:

It’s my hope that my readers and clients know that what I do is incredibly important to me. I love love, I adore my clients and when I make images for them, it’s my goal to document their love with creativity and honesty. It fuels me as a photographer to know that these images will be cherished. That they will hang on walls, be passed around at gatherings, put in albums, and that someday maybe children and grandchildren will display these moments in their own homes.

To see an image, taken with that intent being used in the way it was used is heart-breaking for me. Brian’s reaction is so perfectly stated, I highly recommend you read it: “Public Advocate of the United States” Steal a Kiss – And it’s Gay. I agree with every word written.

The Denver Post article written by reporter Lynn Bartels can be read here.

Update: The Atlantic Wire covers the story. Read Alexander AbadD-Santos’ coverage here.


UPDATE! As many people are coming directly to this post, please visit the following post for an update on the situation. And, again, thank you for your support!

A Wedding Weekend Marathon!

I’m so excited to be a busy bee this weekend and to be photographing to very Brooklyn weddings! Today I am shooting Jackie and Michael’s wedding at Galapagos and tomorrow I will be shooting Brad and Meredith’s wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Congratulations to both couples and hooray for a beautiful weekend.