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Back to Blogging!

Why hello, readers. Happy fall!

My little old blog has been quiet lately, this I know. It’s been a complete whirlwind these past few weeks (Eep, are we going on months?!), but I’m back and excited to be bringing you lots and lots of weddings and shoots to the blog over the next few posts!

For now… here is a tiny peek at what I’ve been up to.


DUMBO family shoot!

Hello readers! I’m excited to bring this adorable family session to the blog today. A few months ago we met up in DUMBO to do a pretty fun (how cute are their outfits?!) family shoot. Clients always ask me about ‘what to wear’ and I feel like this family did a wonderful job of coordinating, without being identical. I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Grow with Me – Stella is One!

Sometimes it feels like I have the absolute best job in the world. It has been such an honor to be able to capture Stella from her mommy’s belly to her first birthday. It feel like just yesterday that I was snapping away at Wendy and Kenny’s wedding and now here’s their adorable baby girl turning one! I thought I’d put together a little trip down memory lane for the blog, ending with Stella’s first birthday cake smash. Enjoy!

Wendy’s maternity shoot.

A sweet little newborn with tiny red eyebrows.

And now she’s one!

Happy first birthday Stellie!!!

A Sneak Peek Mash-Up

I hate when I neglect my blog, but occasionally it happens. I’ve been shooting non-stop lately, which has been really fun. I thought I’d throw up a peek at what I’ve been up to before each gets a dedicated blog post!

The Littlest Heroes Project – James!

Recently I had the privilege of spending time with James and his family on a photo shoot for The Littlest Heroes Project. Before meeting them, Lisa (James’ mom) shared James’ story with me. James has type 1 diabetes. On February 8th, 2009 James seemed to be coming down with a stomach bug. After a very tough afternoon he began to appear lethargic, and his parents brought him to the doctor. A few minutes into their appointment, James stopped breathing. An ambulance rushed James to the hospital where he was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. James (and his family) spent one week in ICU and another week in recovery. James was only 21 months when all this started and he was a fighter from day one.

Today James is a playful, energetic three year old, described by his parents as a the true definition of a little hero. Hanging out with James was awesome! He’s got a totally hysterical personality (as does his sister) and a ton of energy. Spending time with him, you would have no idea James takes multiple injections daily to stay alive. A brave, little hero indeed.


For more information on getting involved, click below:

Happy Father’s Day

It’s father’s day, so I thought I’d break my ‘blog mold’ and do a post in honor of my dad, who passed away when I was a teenager. I am who I am today because of my parents. Every day I see pieces of their personalities in myself and I love it!

I also know that my strong family roots and upbringing has influenced me not just as a person, but as a photographer. I am in love with the way people interact with one another. I adore the tiny things they do in between the moments you’re meant to capture and I find myself always looking for those ‘in between’ moments. They are the interactions and expressions that truly show the relationships people share.

I went back through some old files to find some of my favorite ‘dad’ shots from portrait and event shoots to share with you. From the father holding his newborn baby for the first time or the dad giving a speech at his daughter’s wedding, I’m so grateful to the families who let me in on these moments, trusting me to preserve them. I treasure photographs of my own family and it’s an honor to be creating memories for others.

Happy Father’s Day!

Me and my dad.


My sister, father and I at the Jersey shore.




Meet Will! He is an adorable four month old who you will be seeing more of throughout the next year, as he’s a ‘Grow With Me’ baby. I had so much fun photographing Will and his parents (and Olive) on Sunday. I also was melting over all the baby things, such as knitted cowboy boots, baby uggs, and converse. Okay, maybe it was just baby shoes?

Will was so happy the entire time and we got so many adorable images that I’m excited to share!

(Oh, and this is Olive!)

Prospect Park Family Shoot – Meet Zoe! (A Littlest Heroes Project Shoot)

On Saturday (the first day of spring and, quite honestly, the best day we’ve had in a while!), I met up with Drew, Maria and Zoe in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Zoe’s family and I were matched through The Littlest Heroes Project. I was accepted as a photographer for them just a few weeks back, so I was really excited to hear that I’d been matched with a family!

Zoe is a super happy baby who just turned 12 weeks old. She was born with multiple VSDs (Ventricular Septal Defects) and an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect). “She did well during her first six weeks, but then went into congestive heart failure overnight,” Maria explains. “Since then she’s been on medication and in and out of the hospital, and we’re waiting for her to get bigger to see if her holes will close on their own. It doesn’t seem that way, so most likely Zoe will have to undergo open heart surgery to repair her heart. Even with her heart slowing her down, she’s such a trooper. She’s been poked so many times, and been through many tests already, but she’s always content and never complains much. She truly is a ‘littlelest hero.’ Our biggest wish is for her to feel better soon and be able to do what “normal” children do. So far she’s proven to be much stronger than mommy (not sure about daddy)!”

I loved meeting and working with Zoe’s family. I’m really excited to share these photos!!!


2009 Best of Kids…

After a couple of relaxing days (ahhh…), I’m really excited to post my best of kids blog! It’s been tough choosing my top ten photos, but also really fun to revisit all of the family and preschool shoots I’ve done this year. Enjoy!!!


Stay tuned for best of engagement shoots…

Central Park Family Shoot – Fayez, Mira & Sami

Oh my! It’s been a crazily busy time here, but it feels fantastic. I spent the past week filling lots of holiday print orders (hooray for people thinking of things early!) and posting hundreds of preschool photographs in their galleries! On top of that, I’ve been photographing newborns and families and booking weddings for 2010 – I’m just having a wonderful time.

I’m also happy to mention that I have a minted storefront. Anyone who did a 2009 shoot can visit and order holiday (and other) cards directly from Minted using photos taken during our shoots. If you aren’t familiar with their work – check it out (click me)!

But now onto the title of this post… New Yorkers were so lucky to have such amazing weather last weekend (as it pours outside my window while typing this). Last Sunday I headed uptown to photograph Fayez, Mira and Sami. We spent some time in Central Park (further north than I usually visit – which was great!), their apartment and then at a nearby playground. I think we got some great holiday card shots. Here is a sneak peak at a few of my favorite shots – thanks you guys for fun morning!


(I hope to post more soon!)