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Me and My iPhone: It’s been a while!

I haven’t had an iPhonography post since I blogged about my favorite things. But it’s wedding season after all and I’m a busy bee, shooting non-stop. However, I’m still always capturing things on my iPhone. So, here are some moments I’ve had and things I’ve seen as of late…

A peaceful beachy morning after shooting Michael & Kina’s wedding…

Impromptu meeting with Bacchus and Crys (who totally coordinated their outfits that day)!

New dress meets old boots…

Early morning puddles…

Uplifting graffiti…

Taking a journal break in Prospect Park…

Bright hearts…

Bright flowers…

Hungry Jackson…

Curious Moo…

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Me and My iPhone – These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Yesterday on Brooklyn Betrothed, we blogged about the things we currently love in honor of Valentine’s day. I loved the idea so much, that I thought I’d expand upon my list and illustrate with some iPhonography. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Traveling anywhere…

TV time with Moo (she loves Harry Potter)…

Our very normal family dinners…

Followed by some game time…

Friend time (and an excuse to wear a tiara!)…

Coffee, of course…

Cooking (messily)…

Alcatraz (TV show and the place!)…

Graphic Novels (this is Chunky Rice! by Craig Thompson)…


Listening to Ida (especially live)…

(PS: If you’d like, you can see more of my random iPhonography by following me on instagram. Username: @kristinahill)

Me and my iPhone: Alcatraz!

I’m really excited about tonight’s premiere of Alcatraz, dorky? Maybe. In late October I took a trip to San Francisco to visit some friends and catch my breath mid-wedding season. I had such a fantastic time exploring the city, but by far the best thing I did was a night tour of Alcatraz. It’s going to sound crazy, but I went to San Francisco without my camera. I traveled so much for work last year that I wanted this to be a vacation where I wasn’t getting held up at the airport so they could swab my bag in security or just lugging a backpack filled with gear! I did, however have my iPhone, so expect a few iPhone posts on San Francisco. For today though, in honor of Alcatraz’s premier, I bring you these. Happy Monday!

View the inmates had of San Francisco.

As part of the night tour, they open the hospital wing. It was amazing.

Me and My iPhone – Panama

So, I’m in Panama! I haven’t seen much of it yet, but I figured I’d still use some photos taken while on the job for the SPCA International. It’s been a bit of whirlwind, I’ll admit! My flight got in Sunday around 3 and I went straight to the Spay Panama site to shoot. After a quick dinner, some uploading and bed, I was back on my way to the site today to shoot some more video and images bright and early this morning. Here are a few quick photos I managed to snap along the way. Can’t wait to see and share more!

How cool is her cat tattoo?

During a detour on the way to the site, we stumbled upon this playground.

The seesaw

A day wouldn’t be complete without me photographing my feet!

Kitties in a birdcage? Yes, please.

There’s a slight chance I was favoring the cats today… so here’s a sweet puppy!

Oh… and I ate fast chinese food here…

Me and My iPhone – More Panama

I finally left my hotel last night and ventured out into Panama City. I didn’t really know what to expect from Panama and being from New York, I always imagine that all cities are walkable and filled with public transportation. I learned quickly that Panama is very much a driving city with no subways to get around (but there are buses!). It’s also a lot more spread out than I imagined. Anyway, I took a taxi to Casco Viejo on a whim. It’s a colonial neighborhood founded in 1673 currently undergoing an ambitious renovation project. If ‘Weird Panama’ existed, I’m certain there would be stories upon stories of the buildings here. I didn’t bring my camera with me (stupid!) because I read in a guidebook that it was dangerous there and that tourists were ‘prey’. It specifically said to not have camera out… I’m not sure why I listened and I intend to go back today or tomorrow with a wide angle and take a ton of photos. But, I did have my iPhone! You can actually crawl inside some of the ruins, which are so beautiful. It runs along the water and you get gorgeous views of the Panama city, lots of textures and local flavor. There was also this adorable vintage store (I may have bought a ring) and a few sweet restaurants. I ate at the Pony Rosso which is an art gallery in addition to a little cafe. I had the Notorious P.I.G. sandwich. Yup, amazing.

Me and My iPhone – Random

So for a while, I didn’t have an iPhone anymore… well I did, but it was a first generation and it was pretty crappy at photos. But then I sucked it up and bought a new one, so ‘Me and My iPhone’ Mondays are back! This one is kind of (or very) random.

Speaking of random, one day this key appeared in my purse. Is it yours?

I started a small collection of Domos (or ‘Biteys’) and at the same time, wasted my laundry money.

I, yet again, resisted a pair of baby Tom’s to put on Moo…

I did not resist these Campers though.

I attended a pretty amazing reunion show with some wonderful old friends.

I celebrated the (much anticipated) premiere of Glee with a 7-11 Slurpee (slushie!)

Revisited an old favorite book of mine.

And I stumbled upon some cool art after a shoot in DUMBO!

Me and My iPhone – Kauai (so far)

So I’m in Kauai and it’s awesome. The twelve hour flight spread across nearly 20 hours of travel, not so awesome, but being here is like a dream come true. Really, I mean it. In the third grade we had to pick a state to make a 3-D poster of and I was dying to get Hawaii. As my teacher went up and down our alphabetical rows I was praying no one would say Hawaii before me. And they didn’t! So I made this (awesome) 3-D map of Hawaii and fell in love, never thinking that I’d ever get the chance to not only be here, but to work here?!? Amazing. Simply amazing.

I’ve been here two days now and (aside from some minor sleeping issues and a cough) it’s been just fabulous. Today is the big wedding day (!) so I thought I would post a few iPhone photos of what I’ve enjoyed so far.

The first drink I consumed here. Literally 20 minutes after landing in Kauai.

Such pretty colors!

One of many roosters (they are like the pigeons of Kauai).

Breakfast at the cutest little spot in Kappa’a


My first delicious coconut water.

Hula cats. Hula Obama.

My lunchtime view.

The orchid that came with my swordfish.

The secret message in the dressing room which lead me to buy three dresses…

The stunning spot where I’ll be shooting a special wedding in just a few short hours.

Me and My iPhone: The Little Things

Throughout my apartment, I have little toys. Some are tied to specific moments and memories. Some more sentimental than others. But they’re there. And they brighten my days.

The particularly negative Fernando.

Little Enid.

Sushi Panda.

Crazy Cat.

Totoro (affectionately referred to as Totie).


Tiger Pilot.

In top-to-bottom order: Little Totoro, Gigi, Totakeke and the apple bank.

Last but not least, our felted friends! Amazing, right? Check out more work from Mariangela Tan at Plush Play!

Me and My iPhone – Last Week

This (rainy/snowy/slushy) Monday’s iPhone post is a round up of things I did last week. Enjoy them!!!

Last Sunday I took the train to Connecticut to see Jasmine Star and Justin & Mary speak at CTPPA.

I got back to New York feeling really motivated and ready to jump into wedding season! Then, my Chinese food gave me some additional words of wisdom…

I also took some motivation from the street!

On my walk home from the subway, I couldn’t stop noticing how bright everything felt. I loved the way the sun hit this blue wall & pipes.

Towards the end of the week it started to really warm up! I got excited about spring and started to notice flowers popping up around the neighborhood.

Even fake ones!

Who doesn’t love a perfectly blue sky filled with birds?

I shot a wedding on Saturday…

At a golf course!

On Sunday I walked to a family shoot a few neighborhoods away. On the way home I spotted this mural.

I know today doesn’t feel so ‘springy’ but happy spring anyway!

Me and My iPhone – Moo

Today’s iPhone post is all about Moo, our cat. Moo cracks me up. Everyday, without fail, I belly-laugh because of something she has done. She is super playful and has to get into everything. Best of all, she is always waiting by the door when I get home ready to be ‘scooped’ up and to give me kisses – kind of like a puppy!