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Brooklyn Newborn Photography: Welcome Home Baby Frances!

Back to Blogging!

Why hello, readers. Happy fall!

My little old blog has been quiet lately, this I know. It’s been a complete whirlwind these past few weeks (Eep, are we going on months?!), but I’m back and excited to be bringing you lots and lots of weddings and shoots to the blog over the next few posts!

For now… here is a tiny peek at what I’ve been up to.


Grow with Me – Stella is One!

Sometimes it feels like I have the absolute best job in the world. It has been such an honor to be able to capture Stella from her mommy’s belly to her first birthday. It feel like just yesterday that I was snapping away at Wendy and Kenny’s wedding and now here’s their adorable baby girl turning one! I thought I’d put together a little trip down memory lane for the blog, ending with Stella’s first birthday cake smash. Enjoy!

Wendy’s maternity shoot.

A sweet little newborn with tiny red eyebrows.

And now she’s one!

Happy first birthday Stellie!!!

A Sneak Peek Mash-Up

I hate when I neglect my blog, but occasionally it happens. I’ve been shooting non-stop lately, which has been really fun. I thought I’d throw up a peek at what I’ve been up to before each gets a dedicated blog post!

Newborn Photography – Meet Audrey Stella!

Say hello to Audrey! Just two weeks old for this shoot she was a darling to photograph – isn’t she the cutest? I love how cool her parents were with putting her in the whale basket, but when I saw it filled with toys in the corner of the room – I just couldn’t resist! So sweet and easy to work with, once she drifted off to sleep. Enjoy!

Newborn Photography – Meet Brielle Rose!

So, I’m going to start this post with a personal photo and then I’ll bring on the cuteness. Susan (first-time mommy to the gorgeous baby girl you’re about to meet) has been a friend of mine for a seriously long time. As a matter of fact, I think she is my oldest friend (obviously, in terms of time length, not age!). This photo of us is one of my favorite pictures from my childhood. I remember this day really vividly and I wanted to share it before I go on and mention how amazing it felt to photograph Susan and her husband, Kyle’s, first child, Brielle.

I know you’re totally sweatin’ our style and would love to see more of us rockin’ this look, but now on to the real purprose of this post. Brielle was born just six days before I headed out to New Jersey to capture her. She is super, super, super small (she might be the smallest baby I have ever posed!) and she’s also incredibly sweet! I will admit that I had a hard time putting her down and start shooting when Susan put her in my arms (literally a second after I walked in the door). It was a true honor to capture her in her first days and it felt goosebumpy to be referred to as “Aunt Kristina”. A title I will wear with pride. I hope you enjoy this peek at Brielle’s shoot – and big congratulations to Sue and Kyle!

A big thank you to the talented Brian Edwards for knitting Brielle’s butterfly cocoon. Check out Brian’s knitting here and his awesome blogging here!

Newborn Portraits – Little Luke!

I know it’s technically ‘Wedding Wednesday’ but I couldn’t resist blogging my latest newborn shoot! This little guy is waaaaaay too cute. Just over a week old when I photographed him, he was a sleepy little angel the entire time. Congratulations to Jenn and Phil on their adorable new addition!

Best of Babies 2010!

Prepare yourself for a heavy dose of cuteness! It was tough… but here are my top ten baby photos of 2010.

Newborn Photographs – Baby Aviva!

Say hi to the very adorable and really tiny Aviva Phoenix. Just over a week old when I photographed her, Aviva was super sweet and easy to work with. A big thank you to Heather and Andrea for being so easy going and calm during the shoot – it really rubbed off on Aviva. Once she fell asleep, nothing could wake her – she was sleepy and snug in her little bear suit!


Newborn Photography – Stella Mackenzie

Say hello to the absolutely adorable Stella Mackenzie! Just 12 days old when I photographed her – she was (is) as sweet as can be. Though Stella didn’t quite want to sleep, as you can see below, once she was out there was no waking her! I adore her little blond eyebrows. Congratulations to her parents, Wendy and Kenny. She’s just perfect.

Creative Newborn Portraits