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A New York City Wedding – Lindsay and Jason are married!

Lindsay and Jason had a super classy wedding from their ceremony at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to their Central Park portrait shoot to their 3 West Club reception – the entire day was flawlessly put together. I’ll be honest, shooting at St. Patrick’s was amazing. It’s a place where, as a kid, I visited with my family or on a fieldtrip and it always felt so grandiose and ‘New York’. As an adult, it felt the same exact way. Pretty often on my blog I say “I love Brooklyn.” But I also really love New York and Lindsay and Jason’s wedding felt incredibly ‘New York’ to me. Congrats you two!

Lindsay and Jason’s were winners the Elisabeth Events’ Designed to Dream Wedding Contest 2010. In addition to winning full wedding planning and design by Elisabeth Events, their flowers were arranged by Petals Premier and Cigar Rolling was provided by Tony Santana Cigar Rolling Company.

BLT FIsh Wedding – Michael & Stephanie

I’m not quite sure where to begin. When I met up with Stephanie and Michael a few weeks ago, I felt we hit it off instantly. You can always just tell when you’re in for an amazing experience and I looked forward to spending their wedding day with them. I always feel honored to be the one capturing such important moments, but this time around I felt so much more than that.

From Janet to Jim and Junius to Juanita (oooh, I love that both sets of parents’ names start with ‘J’!) I felt like I had become part of a family. From the first picture I snapped, I don’t think I stopped laughing and smiling all day! Normally when I come home from photographing a wedding, my body aches, but this time my cheeks ached from the nonstop smiling I did.

Two lovely families and their dearest friends came together to celebrate the love of two amazing individuals. I feel blessed to have been a part of Stephanie and Michael’s day and I wish everyone lots and lots of love and happiness.

I love the look on Stephanie’s face. She had just declared that she was “a bride”!


This was among my favorite moments. As I head upstairs to snap some shots of Michael, he’s casually sprawled out on the bed, watching TV. Sorry, Michael, for tattling about the whole ‘not having showered yet…” thing. We ladies need to stick together!
Ahh the tie-tying… Thank goodness for blackberries!
If anyone is allowed to chug champaign in a chapel, it’s Marygrace.
At BLT Fish.
An impromptu dance ‘in the moonlight’.
During the ‘car story’ toast.
Smiles like these just can’t be faked.

Swing 46 Wedding -Sam and Marylen are Married

From the moment I met Marylen and Sam, I knew that photographing their wedding would be a blast. A blast it was! It definitely pays to have a best friend who’s a professional hair and make up artist!

People were getting such a kick watching Marylen hail a cab in her wedding dress!

I wasn’t meant to photograph Marylen and Sam’s time at the Waldorf Astoria (between the ceremony and reception, they went there to check in), but when they got a free upgrade to a suite that was bigger than my apartment, they called me up to capture the moment!

You’ve really got to love a couple whose idea of living it up at the Waldorf Astoria is jumping on the bed!

On our way to the reception at Swing 46.