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The Vanderbuilt at South Beach, Staten Island Wedding – Kaye & Norman

Good Morning!

It’s six a.m., so I’m going to keep this initial blog post short. My brain doesn’t fully function this early – at least not until I’ve had my second or third cup of coffee!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing Kaye and Norman’s wedding. I e-mailed back and forth with Kaye for some time, before I finally got to meet her and Norman on Friday. They are such a fantastic couple! All the tiny details they added to the wedding day were so ‘them’. Even with barely knowing the two it was obvious how in love they are and how happy they are to be together.

I will definitely expand/edit this blogpost soon, I know it’s incomplete but I wanted to get a few images online before I head out. These are shots that caught my eye while uploading. In about an hour I’m heading to Dumbo to do their ‘trash the dress’ (can’t wait!) and then I’m off to Tarrytown to photograph Kevin and Joanne’s wedding! I hope to blog more tonight!

Their wedding rings were mood rings – and adorable. Because Kaye and Norman now live in Touscon, Arizona, they gave everyone cactuses as favors!
Everyone was in love with their monster cupcakes!
I love this shot of Kaye choosing the cupcake she would feed to Norman.
Kaye and Norman were hysterical during the ‘shoe game’. Everyone was practically in tears they were laughing so hard!