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Personalizing Your Wedding – Some Fun Inspiration!

On this Wedding Wednesday, I bring you a different type of blog post. I was so impressed with how well April and Michael personalized their wedding, I wanted to share some details that weren’t included in their original blog post (Haven’t seen it? View it here). I hope these details bring a bit of inspiration to the readers who are currently planning their big day!

It was fun to watch them plan their wedding (and even help out a bit!) and it’s safe to say I was in awe from the start. I see a lot of weddings in a year, but aside from the photography end of things, I don’t really get the chance to witness all the hard work couples put into their planning – wow! Now April might have an bit of an advantage, being that she is a super talented graphic designer, but it was more than the design elements that impressed everyone. It was the thought and personality the two put into all the details – from the invites to the thank you’s – they had guests saying, at nearly every turn, “that’s so April” or “that is totally Michael.”

The inspiration for this post? After a looooong day of editing yesterday, I came home to find a fun treat in my mailbox – their thank you note!

During the wedding, friends and family (and even their vendors!) continuously commented on how awesome their music was. Maybe I’m biased, but I have to agree. A Regina Spector recessional? Ida for their first dance and a Postal Service last dance? Pretty awesome. So what better way to say ‘thanks’ then by sending each guest a mix to remember the day by? When I got mine in the mail, I (literally) jumped for joy. And as I sit listening to it right now, I’m totally taken back to their wedding day (I even teared up when I heard their first dance!). Before popping it into my computer to listen to, I snapped a few photographs of it. Amazing, right?

But let’s go back to the start. April and Michael met in fall. Michael even baked her a pumpkin pie on their first date (which my mother wouldn’t let April eat, but that’s entire other blog post). It’s only fitting that their wedding take place in fall and have a very fall theme. Fall colors, trees and leaves became a big part of their wedding day, starting with the save the dates April designed.

Next up, the invites! April and Michael tried to keep things as green as possible, using recycled materials and upcycling a bit as well. Their invites were screen printed onto vintage handkerchiefs.

Response cards and directions.

We had an assembling party and put the cards, handkerchiefs together to be mailed. It was pretty fun, picking and choosing which guest got which handkerchiefs!!!

Last, but not least, family and the importance of played a huge roll in their wedding day. Family photos were strung through the venue and wedding photos of grandparents, parents and siblings were displayed. In place of a guest book, April printed a large tree with their logo and guests stamped their thumbs and signed their names. Here is the finished product, which now hangs in their living room.

She has designed stuff for me, too! Aren’t I one lucky duck?