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The Littlest Heroes Project – James!

Recently I had the privilege of spending time with James and his family on a photo shoot for The Littlest Heroes Project. Before meeting them, Lisa (James’ mom) shared James’ story with me. James has type 1 diabetes. On February 8th, 2009 James seemed to be coming down with a stomach bug. After a very tough afternoon he began to appear lethargic, and his parents brought him to the doctor. A few minutes into their appointment, James stopped breathing. An ambulance rushed James to the hospital where he was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. James (and his family) spent one week in ICU and another week in recovery. James was only 21 months when all this started and he was a fighter from day one.

Today James is a playful, energetic three year old, described by his parents as a the true definition of a little hero. Hanging out with James was awesome! He’s got a totally hysterical personality (as does his sister) and a ton of energy. Spending time with him, you would have no idea James takes multiple injections daily to stay alive. A brave, little hero indeed.


For more information on getting involved, click below:

Here Comes The Brooklyn Bride (And Other Things)

It’s unusual for me to post like this, but I’ve been up to some exciting things (in addition to shooting). I wanted to share them all with you!

First, I’m putting together Sam and Lee (part two) for the blog. Their elegant reception was held at ReBar in Dumbo. Here is a sneak peak with a promise of a full post coming soon…

I also spent a few days in Altoon, Pa at a workshop with the amazingly talented Thom Rouse. The workshop was hosted by the wonderful Tammy and Tamar of London Wolfe Photography in their ginormous studio/coffee shop (Yep, that’s right! These talented ladies opened a coffee shop in their studio space, ingeniously marrying my two favorite things – coffee and photography!). I learned so much while I was there and I interacted with some awesome people. It was a great time and exciting to be back in Brooklyn with lots of new photoshop skills and photography ideas! Here is a shot (captured by Tammy) of everyone working…
Picture 34

Next, I’m getting ready for my first Bridal Show (gulp)! I’m really excited about it especially because it’s in Brooklyn and featuring a lot of great local vendors! Check it out:
You can purchase tickets here: Buy Tickets Online! If you go, please stop by my booth and say hello!

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve been accepted as a photographer for The Littlest Heroes Project! If you’ve never heard of it, check it out. It’s an amazing organization.

So for now, that’s it. But I hope to post again real soon.